28th International Conference on VLSI Design 2015
The Twenty eighth International conference on VLSI Design 2015 to be held in January 3rd to 7th at Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

Website: www.vlsidesignconference.org

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    To make India a significant force in the VLSI field
    To promote applications and research related to all
     aspects of VLSI in India
Softcopies of past VSI VISION periodical are archived under publications. VSI members receive monthly e-newsletters on VSI events and other VLSI related news, articles and information. Visit VSI Member News Archive for past issues.
VSI Objectives and Sponsorship:
The purpose of the society is to contribute and promote the advancement of all aspects of VLSI technology, primarily in India.
VSI can support technical events related to VLSI held in India by providing financial sponsorship/co-sponsorship, or technical co-sponsorship.
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VSI Activities:
VSI holds workshops and short-courses through the year, in all parts of the country to bring together the industry, academia and mainly the students, on hot and emerging topics of VLSI and the related. VSI welcomes volunteers to get involved in such activities.VSI sponsors VLSI Design Conference,Call For Papers, and VLSI Design And Test Symposium annually.
VDAT or the VLSI Design and Test Symposium is the annual event, that VSI is associated with since 1998, that attracts a wide spectrum of VLSI related professionals and academia.

VSI Publications:
VSI compiles softcopies of the proceedings of all workshops, short-courses and the annual VDAT Symposium. The proceedings of VDAT symposium is also published in hardcopy format.
For a list of all VSI events, publications and feedback, visit the Activities section.
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VSI Membership:
Any person or institution subscribing to the purposes of VSI is eligible for membership of the VLSI Society of India. The membership is open all-year round and we welcome applications throughout the year.
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VSI News:
VSI continues its efforts in bringing together the educational institutions and the semiconductor industries on a common platform where the champions from the industry will work in close cooperation with faculty champions to improve the quality of M.Tech programs in order to spread and improve the quality of VLSI Education.
Many of the papers submitted during VDAT have also been noticed by the press for their novelty and the ideas proposed.
VSI also recognizes and honors the peers in the field for their contribution.
News & related section covers such recent reports and other VSI initiatives.
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